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I was 14 when I started high school and did really well the first semester. I found some really great teachers and they helped me a lot. Second semester was way harder and I didn't have the teacher help that was there before. I started hanging out with some guys and started missing classes and fooling around during class time. My friends were way more fun than school and we all started missing school. Finally I was kicked out. That was a shock!

My mom was so mad – she had worked so hard to raise me all by herself. She made me stop seeing the kids I had skipped with and I went for counselling. I stayed at home and did online school. I didn't really like it – and I was lonely.

My mom thought I could do better at a regular high school. I explored alternative programs and outreach but I wanted to go to a regular high school – just not the one that I went to before. I didn't want to have to face those same kids. I went to Encore CBE and met with the people there. They helped me figure out what I really wanted to do and connect with another high school. I missed a couple of weeks in the beginning so the guidance counsellor helped me make my course load more manageable.

I'm at school now – with a fresh start and I'm hoping that things will be better here. One thing I realized at Encore CBE is how important it is to have a teacher to go to when I need help. I've worked that out with the guidance counsellor. I've changed and I'm really trying. I think this will work.

Hey! I'm 15 years old and came to Encore CBE after a very bad time of going to different schools trying to find a place to learn. I went to the school where my sister had gone but when I told them that I liked art they sent me to another school which had a Learning through the Arts Program. At the same time my grandmother who I lived with got sick and I had to move in with a family friend. When I finally registered at the Arts school I was told that I was out of area and couldn't go there. I went back to my sister's school and they sent me to Encore CBE.

I was about to give up and was quite pissed when I got there. However, when I did get to Encore CBE I was asked about and really listened to when I talked about my dreams and ideas for the future. I created my own learning plan that seemed to really reflect who I am and what's important for me. I used this learning plan as a way to meet the principal of another school. It really helped and I actually got to go to a school that I think will really work for me. Awesome!

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Hi! My last school was so big!  I got lost and really didn't like to go there. I stopped going to school last January and just stayed at home and worked on my computer. I like to make art videos and films. I went to a program this summer that was all about getting back to school. I want to go back to school but I'm worried. In the summer I made a video about the program and the kids I met there. People seemed to really like it. I came to Encore CBE to find out about going to a school that would really appreciate my talents. I made a learning plan that incorporated links to my YouTube videos. They actually connected me to a school that really seemed to value my work.

I don't want to lie to you but even though that school seemed really cool, I'm super worried about going. I started going for counselling though to deal with all this. I came to Encore CBE a few times to meet the people, work on my plan, and to connect with school. I start next week – I hope it works out.


I'm 16 and don't have many high school credits. I prefer to do hands on learning because I understand something better when I do it myself instead of being told what to do. I got into some trouble outside school and took off from school for a while. Now it's time to go back – not sure how to do it. I also need to find a job! I came to Encore CBE and met with some people and started my own plan. The cool thing was that the plan helped me get back to school and give me time to work too! I'm hoping that this will work better than it has in the past.

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I’m 16 and I’ve been out of school for about a year. I don’t have many high school credits because I wasn’t really going to classes when I was in school. Actually, that’s where it kind of started for me. I kind of got in with the wrong crowd when I first went into grade 10 and we started skipping classes. The more I skipped, the further behind I got and the harder it was to go to class at all. I was almost scared to go to class because I knew I couldn’t do the same stuff as the other kids. Soon, me and my friends were getting into drugs. I didn’t think it was a big deal since it was only marijuana but I spent a lot more time hanging out with my friends, smoking and getting into fights than going to class. Eventually, the school kicked me out. That’s what made me realize that I was making some really bad choices and I needed to change.

Luckily, my mom is a really awesome support for me and she helped me get set up with a counsellor who has helped me a lot. She has helped me with my anxiety about school and my depression. Over the past year I think I’ve become a much happier person and I feel like I have a lot more control over my emotions and fears. I really wanted to get back into a regular school so I can finish my diploma and make plans for my future. My mom brought me to Encore to find out what I options I had.

Working the people at Encore has been easy. They listened to what I wanted and helped me get in to a new high school that suited me. They helped me to make a connection with a counsellor that I can go to for help if I need it and really seems to understand how I feel. I am a little bit scared about starting in a new school but I also look forward to making some new friends.

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